• What is the SC Seal of Biliteracy for Juniors and Seniors?

    - A nationally recognized credential that certifies a student’s proficiency in
    English and at least one other language.

    - Proof of a student’s high proficiency in the skills of writing, reading, speaking,
    and listening in two or more languages.

    -A clear symbol of bilingualism and biliteracy for employers and universities.

    How does a junior or senior earn the SC Seal of Biliteracy?

    - Qualification I. Language Other than English:  at least an Intermediate
    Mid Proficiency Level.

    - Qualification II:  English Proficiency: Native English Speakers may
    demonstrate a minimum of 3.0 English Language Arts GPA.
    Multilingualstudents in Grades 6-12 may demonstrate proficiency by
    attaining a minimum of an overall composite score of 4.0 on the
    ACCESS 2.0.


    How to Apply for the SC Seal of Biliteracy?

    -Link: Apply for the Seal of Biliteracy 

    Applications are due by December 15.