• Procurement Services Award Notices Archives 2019-2020  

    Banking Services 2020-035
    Construction Manager At-Risk (CM-R) 2020-17
    Purchase Pressure Washer Trailers 2020-005
    Provide Transportation Services 2020-015
    Provide and Deliver Strictly Fresh Bread Products 2020-010
    Sale of Surplus Vehicles and Equipment 2020-014
    Provide Studio Audio Upgrade/Repair 2020-019
    Provide Erate Eligible Network Electronics Hardware and Support 2020-001
    Provide District Information Technology Security Assessment 2019-037
    Energy Savings Performance Services 2019-046
    Provide and Deliver Strictly Bread Products 2020-003 "No Award"
    Provide Security Guard and Support Services 2019-041
    Provide After School Child Care Providers 2019-039
    Sale of Surplus Vehicles and Equipment 2019-031
    Provide Attorney Services 2019-024
    Provide Finance and Procurement Audit Services 2019-038
    To Design, Make and Install Graphic Wraps for District Owned Box Trucks 2019-042
    Provide New Band, Orchestra, and Percussion Instruments 2019-032
    Provide Mobile Dental Health Care Services for K-12 Students 2019-007
    Provide Student Athletic (Sports) Accident/Injury Insurance 2019-040
    Caughman Road Elementary School Classroom Addition 2019-033
    Dreher Athletic Field Protest Decision Letter 2019-035
    Rosewood Library Addition & Renovations 2019-036
    Dreher High School - Athletic Field Improvements 2019-035
    Arden Elementary School HVAC Replacement 2019-021
    IT Temporary Professional Services 2019-014
    Bolden Stadium Renovations 2019-016
    Heyward Career & Technology Center Culinary Arts & Classroom Additions 2019-015
    Data Cabling Parts and Installation Services 2019012
    Provide, Install, Set Up and Support of Four (4) Electronic Display School Signs 2019-017
    Provide Erate Eligible Network Electronics Hardware and Support 2019-011 No Award
    Provide Courier Services 2019-005
    Columbia Auditorium HVAC Replacement 2019-010