• Each year the students of AP Art teacher Jennifer Gorlewski exhibit their year's work in the Dreher lobby for one evening. Twenty artists were featured in the 2023 AP Art Gallery.  Photos from the Gallery are shown below.  Click on the upper left corner of each slide to see the name of the artist.

    Featured are (in alphabetical order):

    Katie Bauer, Anthony Britt, Jordan Davis, Muireall Dickson, Larrabee Ellenberg, Sydney Gardner-McCrossin, Abi Good, Amelie Gosselin, Sara Jackobs, Kira Nadel, Charlotte Peavy, Danielle Perry, Tori Rasmussen, Ivan Sharypov Diaz, Elizabeth Shifflett, Lourdes Sinisterra, Ellie Spicer, Leo Suggs, Diego Thrasher, and Will Varner.


  • Dreher art students of Jennifer Gorlewski and Katie Prfommer won many awards at the Richland District One Art Show:

    Teacher’s Choice: Muireall Dickson, Quentin Hilley

    1st Place: Victoria Rasmussen

    2nd Place: Quentin Hilley

    3rd Place: Ellie Spicer

    Honorable Mention: Neha Sivankoil

    Permanent Art Collection: Lourdes Sinisterra

    Lourdes Sinisterra also received both monetary awards: the Regan McAndrew Award and the Notoriously Dapper Scholarship Award. 

    In the art gallery below, click on the in the upper left corner to see the name of the artist and the award received.

  • Art teachers Jennifer Gorlewski and Katie Pfrommer are proud to acknowledge their visual arts students who were awarded the 2022 South Carolina State Fair:

    Quentin Hilley- 1st Place for 9th grade 3D

    Emily Montague- 1st Place for 10th grade 3D

    Josie Kalish- Honorable Mention for 10th grade Photography

    Shari Franco-Mendez- 3rd Place for 11th grade 3D

    Tori Rasmussen-  Honorable Mention  for 11th grade 2D

    A gallery of their artwork follows. Click on the i in the upper left corner to see the name of the artist.

  • Tiny Art Gallery

    Students in the National Art Honor Society, sponsored by Art teacher Katie Pfrommer, painted "Tiny Art" for display on just three shelves in the Media Center.

    Art is EVERYWHERE at Dreher!