• Hand 2022 Summer Reading

    - Complete Two of the One-Pagers 
      -- Book - fiction or non-fiction
      -- Equals One Test grade
      -- Due Monday, September 12, 2022 to ELA teacher (this allows time for students to complete upon returning to school)
        -- ALL students should submit the One-Pagers by the deadline for a Test grade
      -- Students can submit additional One-Pagers for extra credit.
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  • Dreher HS 2022 Summer Reading

    Dreher High School English Department Summer Reading 2022-2023

    English 1-4: All courses

    The English assignment, which is meant to encourage students to read without a cumbersome assignment, is a Summer Reading Bingo Card:

    To encourage authentic and engaging summer reading this year, if you are enrolled in any level course from English 1 through English 4, your summer reading will be entirely your choice as far as texts selected.


    The Dreher English and Library departments have collaborated to provide you a “Book Bingo” card. On the Book Bingo card, you will find different categories, genres, and types of reading. Choosing titles of your liking/preference, you are to “read your way” through the Bingo card.


    When you get to school next year, bring your Bingo card, with the accompanying written assignments required per box, and your English teacher will award you credit for each box completed. Each student, regardless of which class you are enrolled, must complete a MINIMUM OF TWO BOOKS/BOXES/ WRITTEN ASSIGNMENTS. You may choose to read more books beyond this, but will only receive credit for boxes completed up to TEN boxes.

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  • R1 Summer Reading Expectations

    The purpose of summer reading for students at both the middle and high school levels is to assist with developing the
    life-long habit of reading. Summer reading encourages the enjoyment of reading and develops students’ abilities to
    choose books for themselves. The Office of Secondary Education supports students being able to read and explore
    genres and topics of their own interest. By allowing students to practice choosing books, self-regulating when and where
    they read, and sustaining reading over the summer months, our hope is that students’ identities as readers will continue
    to grow.
    The students’ choice of reading will also foster a vibrant and diverse community of readers upon their return to school.
    Their summer reading experience will stimulate exciting conversations about books both with their peers,
    parents/guardians, and with their teachers, as well as expand their perspectives and stimulate their understanding of
    the world around them.
    The information below provides resources for parents/guardians and students and ways to access books. We ask that
    you encourage your child to read throughout the summer. 

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