Public Display and Review of 6-8 Science Materials Proposed for Adoption

  • Per Richland School District One Policy AR IJJ-R Textbook Selection and Adoption: 

    "Textbooks under consideration will be displayed at one central location for review by district personnel and parents and may be made available to schools."

    In compliance with Policy AR IJJ-R and the Richland One COVID-19 Mitigation and Safety Protocols, publisher presentations and virtual access to all resources will be posted online for review by parents and community members. 

    The table below includes the six resources that have been adopted by the South Carolina State Department of Education and can be adopted by Richland District One to support instruction in grades 6-8 science classrooms. 

    Virtual presentations are included in the table and can be accessed HERE from the South Carolina State Department of Education. 

    Please provide any feedback you have by selecting the form HERE.