• CLASSIFIED EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR FINALIST PROFILE: Southeast Middle School’s Database Specialist Goes Above and Beyond Her Job Description to Help Students

    LaMaryann Shiver Entering, editing and maintaining data and assisting staff, students and parents with the school’s accountability system are all responsibilities included in LaMaryann Darlene Shiver’s official job description. Unofficially, she is credited with uplifting and encouraging students.

    As the database specialist at Southeast Middle School, Shiver is well aware of students’ progress.

    “I pay attention to the students and seek opportunities to encourage and help keep them on track,” she said.

    Shiver has been employed with Richland One for nearly 28 years. She is one of six school-level Classified Employees of the Year who are in the running for the district-level distinction.

    Principal Inger Ferguson said Shiver’s most significant contribution is her unparalleled dedication to ensuring grades, report cards, schedules and other duties are fulfilled and distributed in a timely manner.

    “In particular, at the beginning of each academic year, Mrs. Shiver has worked tirelessly to ensure that schedules are ready for mailing or pick up for students,” said Ferguson.

    Not only does Shiver work in her area, but she always pitches in to help in whatever capacity her assistance is needed, Ferguson said.

    “She volunteers to cook meals for the faculty and staff (and) I’ve witnessed Mrs. Shiver providing assistance to families who were in need of food – anonymously,” said Ferguson.

    Lekena Ackerman, a history teacher at Southeast, calls Shiver an indispensable employee with nothing beyond her purview.

    “I have never met anyone as thorough with her position as Darlene is,” said Ackerman. “I’ve witnessed her filling in at the front desk, assisting with bus and car lane duty as well as assisting with cafeteria duty, as needed.”

    Being involved in the various aspects of school enables her to build relationships with her colleagues, parents and students, extending beyond the walls of the school, said Shiver.

    “What I like most about my job is it gives me a sense of pride, identity and personal achievement,” she said.

    The new Richland One Classified Employee of the Year will be announced May 27 during the district’s Celebration 2022 employee recognition event.