• WIN Work Ready Credential

    WIN Work Ready Credential is a workforce education and development tool, comprised of 3 assessments: 

    1.   Work Ready Math builds mathematical reasoning and problem-solving skills to prepare learners to solve real-life workplace problems, such as calculating dimensions, costs, and percentages; reviewing transactions to ensure accuracy; and comparing rates.

    2.  Work Ready Reading builds reading comprehension and reasoning skills to prepare learners to utilize documents in the workplace, such as memos, letters, directions, signs, notices, policies, and regulations. Skills include obtaining and applying new vocabulary; following complex instructions; and understanding policies and procedures.

    3.  Work Ready Data builds analytical skills to prepare learners to interpret sources of data in the workplace, such as charts, graphs, tables, flowcharts, diagrams, and maps. Skills include identifying trends among variables, recognizing significant and extraneous data points, and drawing conclusions from one or more sources of data.

    The assessments provide a customized credential that shows the learners/jobseekers have mastered the skills and are ready for work. The credential level is determined by the lowest score across all 3 tests. WIN Preparation Class will help students prepare to take the

    Work Ready Credential assessments.   

    There is no fee!

    Please plan to stay 2 hours.