• Missing or Stolen Laptop Form 

    Southeast – 2023-2024 


    Date: _______ 

    Student’s Name ____________________________________ Grade: _______ 


    Please answer the following questions and return this form to the Southeast Library.  Laptops will not be considered Lost or Stolen until this document is completed, signed and returned.   

    1. When did you last use or see your laptopPlease specify whether this last known location was HOME or SCHOOLPlease provide an explanation as to how the laptop went missing or was stolen: 


    Student Signature ___________________________________ 

    1.  Parent Signature and Phone is needed to complete this process to verify that your son/daughter cannot find his/her school issued laptop.   

    Parent Signature:  _____________________________________________ 

    Parent Contact Number:  _______________________________________ 


    1. Required: Teacher initials verifying you checked with your teachers.  


    1st Block 



    Room # 



    2nd Block 



    Room # 


    3rd Block 



    Room # 


    4th Block 



    Room # 






    Service Tag#:  ________________________ Asset #:  _______________________   

    Cost:  ________________ Police Report Case #: ___________________ 

    Admin Signature ______________________________