• The Returning Student Re-Registration is now available for parents and/or legal guardians through PowerSchool Parent Portal for the 2020-2021 school year. 


      Returning Student Enrollment Verification is an annual process for parents/guardians to provide the school with updated contact information and proof of address as well as the ability to complete annual forms required for the student. This process is done online through the PowerSchool Parent Portal. PowerSchool Parent Portal is a school-to-home communication system for attendance, grades, and registration. 


      If you have never used the Parent Portal or have forgotten your username or password, please contact erika.wider@richlandone.org.

      You may use the direct web address: https://powerschool.richlandone.org/public/. Once you have logged into the PowerSchool Parent Portal, you can access enrollment verification in two ways: 

      1. Under Applications:Click on the “Applications” arrow. From the menu, click on “Returning Student Enrollment form” to open the form. 

      2. Under Navigation:Click on “Returning Student Enrollment form” under “Navigation.”  

        Please note that the link will not appear until enrollment verification opens.  

       Please be sure to review the information that is pre-loaded to verify accuracy, update as necessary, and fill in any missing information.


      Shared Housing Applicants must renew their application yearly.  Incomplete applications will not be processed. Please note a request for proof of residence is subject to to be requested. 

      Please note a request for proof of residence required documentation is subject to to be requested based on District requirements.

      Shared Housing Packet 2021