• Vendor Application Information & Instructions                           

     Instructions for Schools and

    Departments/ Information


    Due to the increase of submittals, the Vendor Application Process is 5-7 Business days



    Information Needed from End Users Prior to Submitting Vendor Applications

    *** Please click on the document below 'Procurement Guideline for Vendor Setup (End User Information)' prior to submitting vendor application to the Procurement Services email portal ***

    Procurement Guideline for Vendor Setup (End User Information)

    • Vendor applications and W-9 forms must be submitted by the school and/ or department representatives (e.g.., Bookkeepers, Media Specialists, or Department Heads).
    • W9 Forms should have a live signature with a current date within six calendar months.

    We do not accept vendor applications sent directly to Procurement Services from the vendor. 

    • Please make sure updated vendor information such as remit addresses and name changes are submitted to Procurement Services, so that purchase orders, payment information, and any other pertinent information is properly updated in our system.


    • When submitting vendor applications to the Procurement Services Department, (via email), please ensure you include a description of the services the vendor will be providing and the type of event.


    • All (new and updated) vendor application/ information should be submitted to



    Information to Vendors     buying


    • Our desire is to provide the best customer service possible. However, district representatives are unable to provide guidance as it relates to completing the W-9 section of the Procurement Services Vendor Application. If you are unsure how to complete the W-9 section of the vendor application (page 2) we suggest you go to the website  any questions you may have.


    • If you are a current vendor with Richland County School District One, please submit an updated vendor application to the department/ or school representative you are currently working with.


    • Unfortunately, our school district does not process credit applications.