•  I have a dream  

    We sent this message to our Blue Devils:

    "Reverend Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Thurgood Marshall, Kobe Bryant, Barack Obama, Condoleezza Rice, Alex English, Beyonce Knowles...

    Each year in honor of Black History Month the members of the Kindness Club at Dreher invite Blue Devils to be inspired by those who came before us and paved the way for us.  They had a dream.  Blue Devils, what's yours?"    


    Here are the dreams of some of our Blue Devils:

    *I dream that I will live out the rest of my life in a way that is authentic and fulfills my purpose to touch the lives of others.

    *Continue with my video production company as a career.

    *My dream is to be able to use my gifts to make an impact on the lives of others in some form!

    *My dream is to become the best person I can become so I can help others do the same to create the best world humans can make.

    *To make a lot of lifelong friends.

    *To always be happy with the life I lead.

    *For the people around me to have a happy ending.

    *I dream the same dream as Dr. Martin Luther King.

    *My dream is to become a well known hair stylist!

    *To be in the army

    *To live a better life than I’m living now when I get older.

    *My dream is to go to Texas A&M to be a Forensic Scientist.

    *My dream is that people would allow themselves to dream even bigger.

    *To become a young female that helps others understand it is okay to seek help and that hiding from it won't help.

    *To attend MIT and become an electrical engineer at SpaceX.

    *To be smart.

    *My dream is to go to the Navy.

    *To hurry and get out of school.

    *My dream is to become a journalist and maybe even a poet like Maya Angelou.

    *To complete med school and become a doctor, and above all to be happy.

    *I dream to see the day when the pandemic becomes part of the past.

    *My dream is to put out the most positivity i can, and I hope every day that the negativity in the world will heal. 

    *I dream for a more peaceful world. These people’s works have greatly increased the peace but there is still work to be done. I dream that this generation will continue to integrate human society so we can live at peace. 

     *My dream is to move to Canada.

    *To change the world/ to be a writer and an international diplomat