Dr. Timothy Blackwell, Principal

    From the Principal

    Dear Arden Families,

    We hope that you all are doing well.  Students will return to school on August 18, 2021.  As we plan to return for the upcoming school year, please make sure that you review the updated newsletters that was sent out beginning on August 6, 2021.  This past year was quite different but I thank each of you for your continued support and engagement during the year!  You all have been resilient and I appreciate it.  


    For the 2021-2022 school year, our teachers will continue to work hard to provide students with the best instruction possible.   Over the next few weeks, we will begin preparing for our work to ensure that our scholars receive quality instruction.  To assist us, please make sure that you are providing opportunities for our scholars to read daily and practice math facts.  Research shows that when students spend time reading for 20 minutes daily, it exposes students to a much more vast vocabulary.  Please work with us to ensure that your scholar is actively engaged in reading with us this year.     


    Arden Elementary School is a great place to learn and work!  Our dedicated staff thank you for your contribution to a great school year.  If we can be of further assistance, please contact us at 803-735-3400 or by email at timothy.blackwell@richlandone.org or shameka.stephney@richlandone.org.    We stand ready to assist you in any way that we can! 


    Dr. Timothy Blackwell, Principal

    Ms. Shameka Stephney, Assistant Administrator





    We are Arden Elementary School, a leader in transforming lives through education, empowering all students to achieve their potential and dreams.



    AM and PM Procedures clock

    • Instruction begins promptly at 7:30 A.M.  Announcements will begin at this time.  
    • All car riders must enter in the back of the school, and parents are to stay in the car rider line.
    • The car loop entrance closes at 7:25 am.  Please try to not drop students off on Ashley Street as it can be very busy during the morning time.  Please use the bus loop to drop students off.  
    • Please do no not park your car and let your children get out.
    • For safety reasons and for a smooth flow of traffic, please stay in the car rider line, and let your child out in the designated area.  We are asking all car riders to be dropped off in the car loop.  Please do not drop students off on Holmes Street.  
    • At dismissal, please remain in your vehicles.  For the 2020-2021 school year, car riders will be released at 2:30 pm.
    • The staff member in the front office will call your child's number over the intercom.  This is a new process and will take time.  
    • Student temperatures will be taken upon entering the building.
    • Breakfast and lunch will be in the classroom until further notice.  
    • Students must enter the building with a mask.  
    • After 7:00 A.M., teachers are not permitted to hold conversations with parents.  At 7:00 A.M. teachers are supervising their students and preparing to begin the school day.
    • Schedule a conference with your child's teacher by calling and leaving a message, emailing the teacher, or by placing a note in your child's agenda or Homework Folder.
    • All visitors must sign in with the office via the V-Soft system.  Please be prepared to present your state-issued ID to the secretary.

    Walker Procedures:

    • Walkers with siblings will enter the building through the cafeteria side door entrance.  Parents can retrieve their child/children from the cafeteria at dismissal.  Please use the side walk 6 ft markings.  We ask that you do not block the cafeteria entrance, the front entrance door or sit on benches during dismissal.
    • We strongly encourage parents not to park on Ashley Street or across the street and have students cross the street to get into cars.  This is a safety concern for us. 

      Thank you for your cooperation as we keep our scholars safe during this time!  



    Character Word for Month of October----- Cooperation: to play together or work well to accomplish a common goal.


    Early Dismissal Times

    Elementary School Dismissal 10:30 am

    Middle School Dismissal 12:00 pm

    High School Dismissal 11:15 am