Academic Honesty Policy

  • IB Diploma Programme students, like all students at A.C. Flora, are held to a high standard of academic honesty.  A.C. Flora must ensure that the students under its supervision are treated fairly and assessed honestly.  When cheating occurs, no matter the form, it undermines those principles and must be dealt with in a predictable and consistent way.  Please click HERE to view A.C. Flora’s Academic Honesty Policy.

    Prior to enrolling in the IB Diploma Programme, students must promise to uphold the A.C. Flora IB Honor Code.  That document can be found HERE.

    While we hope to avoid cases of academic misconduct, please know that we will deal with all infractions of the Honor Code in a fair and consistent way.  The consequences of academic misconduct can be found HERE.

    The Programme Coordinator as well as all IB teachers regularly reinforce the importance of academic honesty.  As parents, you can play a vital role in supporting our mission to maintain honesty in the IB Programme by discussing cheating, plagiarism, and other form of academic misconduct with your children.