Dedicated Liaison

    • The school liaison officer works in partnership with local school divisions and the leaders of military commands and installations to enhance the public school experiences of military children. The liaison officer equips school division staff with resources and information about the challenges faced by military children, while working in partnership with schools and community organizations to raise awareness about the needs of these students. The school liaison officer promotes parental involvement and assists parents, teachers and administrators and commanders in troubleshooting and finding solutions to education-related problems. 

    School Training

    • Specialized training is provided for school counselors, staff and administrators.

    Student Ambassador

    • A student ambassador (peer-to-peer support) is assigned to your child to make your child feel welcome and help them navigate/learn about their new school.

    Education Planning

    • Get your child enrolled in classes as soon as possible. Bring us your transcripts before the official ones arrive to get your child enrolled quickly.
    • Work to ensure your child receives transfer credit from previous schools so your child will not need to retake classes. We are committed to the Military Interstate Children’s Compact Commission (MIC3).


    Extracurricular Activities

    • To ensure your child develops a sense of belonging at their new school, we will work to help your child joins extracurricular activities, even if the period has passed to join.
    • We will assign a personal contact at the school to your family to provide support the transition and ongoing success.


    Military Family School Website

    • Our website provides a listing of some of the organizations that offer resources to military families.