• Methods for Stress Management

    Posted by Maureen McConaghy on 2/5/2021

    Methods for Stress Management, by  REynolds Stoianov   Brendan Reynolds Stoianov, Class of '21



    The main strategy I use to manage my stress caused by course work is by setting a timer. Usually, I will work on one task within a time interval. When the timer rings I will reset it and shift my focus to another task. Setting a fixed time for me to work on each task allows me to evenly distribute my time across school work so that I do not spend too much time on a single piece of work. I find this method especially helpful in reducing stress because I am able to get a part of each assignment accomplished. This method is mostly effective at time management. Occasionally, I will linger on an assignment after the timer has gone off when I am close to finishing that task. Thus, using this method requires a lot of discipline.

    One drawback to this strategy is that it does not accelerate the pace at which I work. Naturally, I am a slower worker and have not found this method to increase my work agility. However, others who adopt this strategy may find it helpful at increasing their work speed and making their course work more manageable.

    Bike Rider

    Another method I would recommend involves setting aside a given amount of time for rest. I use this time to ride my bike. However, any form of exercise, meditation, or stretching will work. The key to using this strategy effectively is to let your mind drift away from the days tasks. Diverting your attention away from what you have at hand is like shutting down a computer. It allows you to pick up where you left off with a fresh mind much like a computer rebooting after an extended period. I find this method effective at improving my work quality and helping me generate new ideas.

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  • New Year's Resolutions

    Posted by Maureen McConaghy on 1/5/2021

    We asked Blue Devils to share their resolutions, and dozens replied.  Remember, one tip about resolutions is to write them down (see our New Year's Resolutions page for tips)  Here's hoping that by sharing theirs, these Blue Devils will achieve their goals in 2021!


    *Try harder in school, manage time better. 

    *Lose weight, drinking more water, exercising more.

    *Not die. 

    *Exercise more, to increase kindness and positive vibes.

    *Drink more water. 

    *Take better care of my body.

    *To retreat from society and create new way of life deep in the Carolina wilderness--somewhere far away from chaos of modern life, where man can live in harmony with the animals and vegetables.  

    *Try to control my anger while not on medicine and bring my grades up.

    *Keeping up with work. Stay employed to one job.

    *To be involved more in activities and talk to more people.

    *Try to do work from the Orchestra class.

    *Treat my body and my mental health better.

    *Get better mentally.

    *Just relax more and be less stressed.

    *I aspire to increase my involvement and community service, maintain my high grades in each of my classes, and make a positive contribution to improve the state of the environment.

    *Working harder, As and Bs, less stress, and better sleep.

    *Get into a long-term hobby.

    *1. stay connected with friends (i feel pretty connected to my family) 2. maintain good grades/study for sats/ apply to college.

    *My New Year's Resolution is to start cooking again.

    *Be healthier and have fun and see all my family and friends.

    *To practice the piano more.

    *My 2021 New Year's Resolutions are to get my permit then after 6 months get my drivers license and then graduate high school in June or May.

    *To Graduate and have a better year.

    *Stop procrastinating.

    *Do not die.

    *To just be better.

    *My 2021 resolution is to me more motivated.

    *Be more interactive with friends, more money, and peace.

    *Be a better golfer.

    *Be Nicer and Exercise More.

    *To become a better version of myself.

    *Get into college.

    *Keep my grades the same. And save money and get ready for college.

    *To improve my work ethic in school.

    *Graduate, take a self trip, continue to succeed in college.

    *nothing I don't believe in new year's resolutions.

    *Graduate high school.

    *Find love.

    *Be nicer and eat/ exercise more.

    *Resolutions are like expectations. Whatever happens in 2021 is for a reason.

    *My overall resolution is to significantly reduce my social media intake.


    *To have a better year then 2020 and get a job so I can benefit myself much better.

    *Quit bad habits.

    *Do better in school.

    *Lose weight, maintain my 4.0 Gpa.

    *To stay on track with my work.

    *Bettering Myself and discovering what my path is.

    *To have good grades.


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  • Emotion-Focused Coping

    Posted by Maureen McConaghy on 1/4/2021

    Emotion Focused Coping


    Let music, meditation, books, the outdoors, help your mood during lockdowns.


    (courtesy of the imagination of Brendan Reynolds Stoianov)

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  • We Care/Self Care - December 2020

    Posted by Maureen McConaghy Thunell on 12/11/2020
    Bee Kind
    The Kindness Club wants you to know that you are not alone.
    Members of the club are developing resources for Blue Devils as we all try our best to deal with these trying times.  We call our project We Care/Self-Care because we do care about our fellow Blue Devils and because we want to share some ideas about how we can all better care for ourselves.
    As an initial step, we have completed a crisis resource page: https://www.richlandone.org/Domain/3019.  
    Not every situation we face is a crisis, however.  As our project unfolds, we will add upbeat and uplifting pages to our website and perhaps to Teams. 
    We would like your input on topics to discuss and research. Our Kindness Club members have brainstormed some possibilities:
    • dealing with stress
    • yoga
    • mediation
    • mindfullness
    • proper sleep hygiene
    • relaxation
    • food and nutrition
    • exercise
    • playlists for positivity
    • apps for positivity
    • staying in touch with friends while social distancing
    • minimizing negative social media
    • skin care rituals
    • daily routines
    • pets as stress relievers
    • the spiritual dimension
    • sharing words of encouragement
    • eyecatching infographics

    We hope soon to send out a survey asking you to add your suggestions and to volunteer to write about topics of interest.  Stay tuned!

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