• Richland One Middle College

  • Program Description:

    roc Richland One Middle College (ROMC) is an award-winning charter school of choice sponsored by Richland One. Located on the Beltline campus of Midlands Technical College, ROMC is unique because it offers 11th-grade and 12th-grade students the opportunity to attend high school on a college campus where they can earn college credits for free.

    The targeted student population is students who are seeking to experience success in a non-traditional secondary program. The primary goal of Richland One Middle College is to provide students with a seamless transition from high school to their post-secondary pursuits through the use of an innovative curriculum in an intimate, student-centered environment.

  • Program Location: Midlands Technical College – Beltline Campus

    Grades: 11-12

    Program Type: Whole school model

    Eligibility Criteria: Open to all Richland One students. 20% of the total enrollment may be comprised of eligible out-of-district students.

    Student Selection Method: Application

    Enrollment Capacity: 150

    Bus Transportation: Not provided

    Contact: Dr. Carla Brabham, (803) 738-7114, carla.brabham2@richlandone.org


    Download the Richland One Middle College Brochure (PDF)