• Career Preparation Magnet Program

  • Program Description:

    career explore At the high school level, the focus of the Richland One Career Preparation Magnet Program is to give students multiple opportunities to prepare for careers that are in high demand and require advanced skills. The program at W.J. Keenan High School offers a leadership curriculum that includes a rigorous project-based classroom experience that challenges students to gain future-ready competencies. High school magnet students will have advantages that include the opportunity to receive college credit, state and nationally recognized industry certifications, work-based learning opportunities and internships.

    As a Leader in Me School, magnet students participate in an enriching exploration of leadership skills that deepens their learning and connects them with our post-secondary partners. Our relationships with various college and community partners expose our students to national career and technical platforms and give them the opportunity to present at conferences and participate in competitions. W.J. Keenan offers four magnet academies: engineering, hospitality and tourism, government and entrepreneurship.


    Download the Career Preparation Magnet Brochure.


    W.J. Keenan High Career Magnet 
    9th-12th Magnet Academies in Hospitality and Tourism, Government, Entrepreneurship, and Engineering  
    Thursday March 18          2:00 PM
    Thursday, March 25         6:00 PM
    Tuesday, March 30          2:00 PM
    Wednesday, April 14        6:00 PM
    Monday, April 19           10:00 AM
    Thursday April 22          2:00 PM

    Program Location: W.J. Keenan High School

    Program Type: School-within-a-school model

    Grades: 9-12

    Eligibility Criteria: Open to all Richland One students

    Student Selection Method: Lottery

    Enrollment Capacity:

    Ninth grade:

    • 30 Engineering Magnet slots
    • 30 Hospitality and Tourism Magnet slots
    • 30 Government Magnet slots
    • 30 Entrepreneurship Magnet slots

    Grades 10-12:

    • There is a limited number of 10th-grade slots available in the Hospitality and Tourism, Government and Entrepreneurship Magnets. The Engineering Magnet for 10th and 11th grades is full. Eventually, all four academies will be expanded to 12th grade.

    Bus Transportation: Provided for all students

    Contact: KaReem Beckett, Magnet Lead Teacher, (803) 714-2499, kareem.beckett@richlandone.org; Vondre’ T. Whaley, Principal, (803) 714-2500, vondre.whaley@richlandone.org