• Montessori Middle Level Program

  • Program Description:

    montmid The mission of the Montessori Middle Level Program is to provide a complete academic environment for each student and to form a community of learners that nurtures the adolescent in a caring and social climate. We strive to be a community of adults and teenagers who respect each other’s deepest personal and human qualities. Our goal is to help students understand the connection between finding one’s place in society and purpose in the universe. 

    Our program is best known for its multi-grade learning communities, field studies, service learning projects, group initiatives, erdkinder (student managed farm-based experience), thematic work emphasis, seminars and relationship building.

    Students, families and teachers sign contracts requiring a commitment to the Montessori values of learning, community involvement and respect for others.

  • Program Location: W.G. Sanders Middle School

    Grades: 6-8

    Program Structure: School-within-a-school model

    Eligibility Criteria: Three prior consecutive years of Montessori education program with Montessori certified teachers

    Student Selection Method: Application

    Enrollment Capacity: Open

    Bus Transportation: Provided for all students

    Contact: Andrenna Smith, principal, (803) 783-7575, andrenna.smith@richlandone.org