Discovery Education Experience
  • What are the benefits of using World Book Online?

    • Access 24/7 from school or home

    • A colorful, approachable look and feel, designed to foster learning at every level

    • Illustrations, maps, audio files, videos, e-books, primary source documents...

    • Built-in Dictionary; Double-click a word to view a definition

    • Translate articles into 100+ languages or have them read aloud in English.

    • Citation Builder creates flawless citations in MLA, APA, and Harvard formats.

    • Authoritative reference, periodical, and media content that presents information from multiple sources and points of view to support critical thinking and analysis

    • Relevant, reliable, media-rich, and up-to-date content aligned to State and CCSS

  • World Book Online helps information seekers of all ages find the content they need to research at the correct reading level. World Book Online resources are available anytime, anywhere—at school and at home. This resource includes the following products: World Book Kids, World Book Student, World Book Early Learning and World Book Advanced.


    Elementary and Secondary Resource

    Target Audience: Grades K – 12

    Teachers and students may access this resource at any R1 school site.

    At-home log-in credentials information can be provided by your school’s librarian.