• Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    2021-2022 School Year 

    Q: What programs are available for 3-year-olds?

    A: If your child will be 3 by September 1, 2021, there is a 3K class at Gadsden Elementary for Richland One families who can provide transportation. Follow the normal registration process to sign up after January 21, 2021. Montessori Services also offers 3K programs. Contact them for more details. For additional programs for children ages birth to 4, contact ThriveRichland.

    Q: What programs are available for 4-year-olds?

    A: If your child will be 4 by September 1, 2021, you can enroll them in 4K, which is offered through your zoned school. Please complete the registration process including the Pre-K application, which begins January 21, 2021. For additional programs for children ages birth to 4, contact ThriveRichland.

    Q: When does registration for the 2021-2022 school year start? 

    A: Registration opens January 21, 2021

    Q: How do I register my child?

    A: Please see our registration page for more details

    Q: I've completed the registration steps, now what?

    A: The Office of School Readiness and Prekindergarten programs will review your application and documents and schedule a screening appointment. If your child is accepted, you will receive an acceptance letter via email. Take your acceptance letter and additional documents to your child's zoned school to complete registration.

    Q: Who gets into the Pre-K program?

    A: The children who are determined to be most in need of additional services by the state guidelines, the Dial 4 screening, and the parent questionnaire have priority, but others may be accepted as space allows.

    Q: Why do you need my income information?

    A: Pre-K is optional and is a need-based program. We are required to collect income information from parents/guardians by state guidelines.

    Q: When will I know if my child is accepted to the Pre-K program?

    A: We strive to process all applications as quickly as possible. Make sure you have submitted all required documents and attend your screening appointment for the best response time.

    Q: Why do I need to bring my child in for screening?

    A: Screening helps determine who will be accepted into the Pre-K program. It also allows us to identify any areas where your child may need additional help so that teachers and staff can ensure they get the help they need.

    Q: When do screenings take place?

    A: A staff member will contact you to schedule your screening appointment. There will be a range of dates and times to choose from.

    Q: What happens if my child is not accepted?

    A: Children who are not initially accepted into the Pre-K program are placed on the waitlist. Students on the waitlist will be contacted as space becomes available.



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