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    The many advanced programs offerings at Lower Richland High School help prepare students for post-secondary studies and future careers.
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    Sustainable LR

    At Lower Richland High School sustainable practices are important.  We understand our obligation to do all we can to improve our community, our nation, and our planet, to make it a better place.
    Sustainable LR
    Food Waste Diversion:
    Food Dryer
    A large food dryer in the cafeteria removes water from food prep waste.  
    The volume of the waste is reduced 90% by the dryer.  
    The 10% that is leftover gets discharged and is compostable material.
    Composting and Gardening:
    Compost is fed to red wrigglers in the vermiculture beds on campus.  
    Here the worms convert the compostable material form the cafeteria into a
    nutrient-rich fertilizer that will be used to grow produce.  
    That produce can then be used by the nutrition and culinary arts classes.
    Solar Power:
    A solar array installed on campus provides enough energy to power the irrigation and
    cooling systems in the newly renovated greenhouse, in addition to adding a small amount back to the power grid.


    TEAM 3976
    TEAM 3976