• Coaching a Home Run ReaderCoaching a Home Run Reader
    Reading is the most important skill a child can develop to achieve academic success. This workshop will identify tools, best practices, and activity ideas that parents can use to coach a home run reader!  Click the link and enter the password: 2021Success!

    Back to School Basics During COVID-19
    This workshop offers research-based information and ideas to help children develop positive attitudes towards school and build confidence inBack to School Basics  themselves as learners during uncertain times.   
    Click the link and enter the password: 2020Success!  

     Adapting to Virtual Learning
    This 37-minute workshop identifies the challenges of virtual learning, followed by ways to balance learning in a home setting, and best practices to help create a successful virtual learning experience.   
    Click the link and enter the password: 2RestartStrong  Adapting to Virtual Learning