• SCMEA 2020 Solo and Ensemble Virtual Festival

    Chamber Music for HS Orchestra

    The South Carolina Music Educator's Association Orchestra Division Solo and Ensemble Festival is being hosted by Dreher High School again this year, but virtually. Students can access music either through their private teachers or through SmartMusic. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to improve on their instrument and especially their musicianship, and it is a high honor to recieve high ratings at the event. Students will recieve rewards for the various ratings they recieve, and a medal for superior ratings.

    • Each student at Dreher should submit one solo and one ensemble for our Chamber Music unit, but they may submit more.
    • Each event is $5 per student, as long as it does not last more than 5 minutes. If it is longer, you must pay for each additional five-minute time-slot ($5). So, an ensemble with 4 players would be $20 total. A solo would be $5.
    • Please send cash, money order, or cashiers check made out to Dreher HS for your events. There is limited financial assistance for those in need. Please consider sending double your child's money to cover someone in need. Please reach out to Mr. Tucker at nathan.tucker@richlandone.org for any help.
    • Students must have original copies of music. If your music is from SmartMusic, that is an original copy if the subscription is paid for.
    • Use this link to register.
    • SmartMusic will be available during the first week of November.
    • Students will submit videos in Teams first for approval (or as assingments in SmartMusic--see the assignmetn instructions in Teams).
    • Students will submit their official videos during the month of November. Check back here for video submission instructions.
      UPDATE: VIDEO SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS- Watch this video for how to record. Then, submit your video in the TEAMS assignment. You will save time if you go ahead and upload to YOUTUBE to submit your link, because When we get back from Thanksgiving break, we'll be uploading to YouTube for the teacher to submit for the festival.
    • The last day to submit is December 2nd, and you must have completed the Chamber Music assignments.


    Break a leg!