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    Literacy Integration
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    Academic Integration in Career and Technical Education means merging technical skill development based on business/industry standards with content knowledge from core academic subjects (English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science or Social Studies).

    The Office of CTE's goal is for you to enable students to explore, hypothesize and reason logically; make connections with everyday situations; and strengthen their ability to use a variety of methods to think critically and solve problems in their career paths.  


    Today's focus is Test Taking Strategies to assist students with enhancing their test-taking skills. When students are provided with different test-taking strategies, they are calmer and have less anxiety when taking tests. Tests can be a little daunting, but with the right tools and knowledge, they can be approached with a calm, self-assured focus. When students feel empowered and confident, they can think more clearly and is able to recall what they’ve studied.

    A confident student is able to focus, hear instructions, and think more clearly during the test. As a result, success is achieved!

    Literacy Resources | Glynn AcademyReady Set Math | Math Recovery

    Check out some additional literacy and math strategies below to infuse into your daily instructions:

    GIST Technical Literacy

    Numeracy Strategies  (Answers)

    Formulas for High School Testing


    Literacy Integration Archives

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    Numeracy Integration
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    Numeracy Integration in Career and Technical Education is a way of integrating maths skills into different subjects across the curriculum. Being numerate is the ability to understand numbers, and to use them effectively and appropriately.

    ASVAB Tuesdays:   What career is right for me? | ASVAB Career Exploration Program 

    Today's focus is on easing students' ASVAB jitters! Take a look at this ASVAB Fact Sheet.

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    DID YOU KNOW?: ASVAB assists in promoting career literacy through personalized career exploration, awareness of career-field entry requirements, and future-oriented planning tools that help students develop an action plan they can share with parents and educators. 


    Do you want to ease your students' jitters about what to expect on the ASVAB? Then take a moment to review the ASVAB fact sheet and view the link below to share sample ASVAB questions with your students.  


    ASVAB Tuesday Archives

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