• Individual Incentives

    Weekly grade levels will showcase one student from each class as “the spotlight student.”  The teacher will list the student’s accomplishments for the week and write a brief narrative about the student on a certificate that I will provide.  That student will be recognized on the morning news show, have his or her picture taken, and the certificate will be placed on display in the main hallway.  The student will also receive a free Kid’s Meal, breakfast biscuit, pencil, and eraser from Bojangles’. 

    Ideas for Selecting Students 

    ØImprovement in weekly behavior 

    ØMaking academic gains 

    ØHaving the agenda signed for the entire week 

    ØCompleting and submitting homework consistently 

    ØDemonstrating a kind act or mystery trait 


    Classroom Incentives

    Each homeroom class will collaborate as a team to follow the Leopards RULE and gain leopard spots for their class jar weekly.  Homeroom teachers will select a jar keeper each nine weeks to manage the spots.  For every compliment a class receives, the teacher/jar keeper places a leopard spot into the class jar.  Class spots cannot be given for following standard school procedures. To assist teachers with remembering to add spots to their jars, a reminder will be given every Monday and Friday.  Every Monday four spots will be added to jars to support each one of the Leopards RULE.  The remaining spots will be added based upon the teacher’s discretion.  Once the jar is filled, contact Mr. Putnam and the class will have a certificate displayed on a bulletin board and receive a class reward.  The classes that fill their jars 4 or more times by May 29th, 2020 will participate in a line dance party with ice cream. 


    Suggestions for Earning Spots Based On the Leopards RULE 

    R-Respect for self and others 

    • Appropriate transitions between classroom activities 
    • Maintaining self-control while the teacher speaks to another adult 

    U-Understanding one another 

    • Positive, productive group collaboration 
    • Offering assistance to others at appropriate times and without interrupting 

    L-Learning for everyone 

    • Productive whole/small group discussions that are on topic 

    E-Enthusiasm for growth 

    • Achieving formative and summative assessment goals 
    • Celebrating other students' growth