• A character trait will be showcased each month.  Students will be expected to define the trait and provide at least one synonym when asked.  Traits should be discussed during classroom instruction and discussions. 

    August: Respect-To value each other’s points of view. 

    Synonyms-admire, honor, reverence   

    I show respect when I listen quietly while my teacher is talking. 


    September: Honesty-To be truthful. 

    Synonyms-integrity, trustworthy, sincere 

    I show honesty when I am truthful with my words and actions. 


    October: Friendship-To make and keep a friend through mutual trust and caring. 

    Synonyms-buddy, companion, supporter 

    I show friendship when I listen, share, and take turns with others. 


    November: Cooperation-To work together toward a common goal. 

    Synonyms-teamwork, partnership, collaboration 

    I show cooperation when I work nicely with others in a group.  


    December: Problem Solving-To seek solutions. 

    Synonyms-figuring out, thinking it through, critical thinking 

    I show problem solving when I find answers that make others and me feel happy. 


    January: Responsibility-To do what you’re supposed to do, when you’re supposed to do it. 

    Synonyms-loyalty, accountability, dependable 

    I show responsibility when I follow school rules. 


    February: Organization-To work in an orderly way. 

    Synonyms-planned, arranged, tidy 

    I show organization when I have what I need and keep my things tidy. 


    March: Optimism-To think positive. 

    Synonyms-positive, happy, hopeful 

    I show optimism when I smile, say kind words, and focus on what’s right. 


    April: Perseverance-To Keep at it. 

    Synonyms-commitment, following through, persistent 

    I show perseverance when I keep trying even though I failed at first. 


    May: Self-Discipline-Managing ones thoughts, feelings, and actions. 

    Synonyms-self-control, self-regulation, will power 

    I show self-discipline when I stay calm and confident in all situations.