• Freedom of Information Act Requests

    The South Carolina Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) grants citizens access to certain public records, subject to applicable exemptions under relevant state and federal laws.

    Any member of the public can review or obtain school district records that are determined to be public under the provisions of FOIA. In order to maintain the effective functioning of a school district office or department and for security reasons, certain conditions for reviewing or obtaining copies of records may apply.

    FOIA provides the public with access to existing non-exempt, official records of a public agency, but it does not require the district to generate or create records, nor does it require information to be formatted in a particular manner or file type. Certain categories of documents may be withheld, such as personnel records; student records; records relating to the security of students, staff and property; records protected from disclosure under attorney-client privileges; and executive session materials. 

    South Carolina law prohibits a person or private entity from obtaining or using personal information obtained from a state agency, a local government or other political subdivision for commercial solicitation directed to any person in this state.

  • Response Timelines

  • Fee Schedule

  • Submitting Requests

    All FOIA requests must be submitted in writing. Click on the Submit a FOIA Request link below to submit your request to the district through our FOIA Requests Portal.

    Please be specific when you submit your FOIA request. If you are uncertain about which records contain the information you desire, provide a description of the type of information you are searching for and every attempt will be made to locate the relevant records. Do note that a great deal of information about the school district is available on our website.

    If you have any questions about submitting FOIA requests, send an email to FOIA@richlandone.org or contact Karen York, Executive Director of Communications, at (803) 231-7504.