• Richland District One School Board Policies





    Board Policy Revisions


    Richland County School District One Board of School Commissioners reviews and approves new and revised policies annually. Stakeholders may recommend policies for review or consideration by the school board by contacting Eva Wilson in the school board office at eva.wilson@richlandone.org or mailing the request to her attention at 1616 Richland Street, Columbia, S.C. 29201. Requests must be in writing. Her telephone number is (803) 231-7556.

    Stakeholders are encouraged to review and provide input on board policies.  Written comments may be sent to Dr. Tiffany Richardson, the district's general counsel, at tiffany.richardson@richlandone.org or at Stevenson Administration Building,1616 Richland Street, Room 203.

    Policies may be viewed by going to www.richlandone.org. Click on the School Board tab. Scroll down to the second item, Richland One School Board BoardDocs.  Click on Richland One School Board BoardDocs. 


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