• Intervention sevices

Student Intervention Services
  • 1310 Lyon Street
    Columbia, SC 29204
    Phone: (803) 231-6756


    Dr. Robert Smalls, Director of Intervention Services 

    Patricia A.Pringle, Administrative Professional 



    Richland District One’s Intervention Services supports learners across all educational spectrums. The department is comprised of offices, programs and schools designed to meet the needs of students who may not be succeeding in traditional school settings. Educational services available include the Olympia Learning Center; a school site for students 6-12, EXCEL Academy; an 8-12 on-line virtual school curriculum, Evening High School which operates after the regular school day.

    The Director also supervises the District’s Hearing Office, which conducts expulsion hearings resulting from negative student behavior, and the Office of Dropout Prevention tasked with monitoring student attendance, discipline and academic progress. All of these programs and schools are intended to address the academic, social and emotional needs of students with a specific focus on reducing the potential for dropping out of school.




    Mission Statement

    The mission of the Intervention Services Department is to assist students in achieving the knowledge and skills to reach their highest potential as adults through individual, flexible and structured educational programs that foster lifelong learning.

    Alternative Educational Goals are:

    • Improve Academic Achievement
    • Increase High School Graduation Rate
    • Develop Academic, Attendance and Behavioral Monitoring Systems
    • Expose Students to Future Educational, Career and Technical Opportunities
    • Provide a Safe, Inclusive and Accepting Environment
    • Hire and Retain Exemplary Staff
    • Provide Staff Development that Supports the Mission of Alternative Education
    • Create a  “Family” Environment of Student Supports in all Programs
    • Ensure Community and Family Involvement

    The following programs are included in the Alternative Education Network which is under the supervision of the Intervention Services Department