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    Click here to hear the chorus sing the Alma Mater.

    The 2020 Dreher chorus sings the Alma Mater (click here)


    Thomas P. Evans, charter member of the Dreher faculty, won the student council-sponsored competition to compose our Alma Mater.


    "All hail to thee our Alma Mater,

    Here's a song in praise,

    We'll bear thy banner gladly,

    And thy name we'll proudly raise;


    We'll honor thee and love thee, 

    As faithful friends always,

    So here's to Dreher, our Alma Mater,

    Hail to thee always."



    Dreher Seal

    - designed by students and faculty in 1939.  It is composed of the lamp of learning to represent academics, the foot of Mercuty to represent extracurricular activities, and the six columns of Millwood, home of General Wade Hampton.

    Dreher seal



    Dreher Mascot

    - the Blue Devil, with colors of royal blue and white.


    Devil head