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    Welcome to Pendergrass-Fairwold School, where our purpose and mission is clearly focused on student success. Pendergrass-Fairwold School serves students from ages 3-21, with moderate to severe intellectual disabilities, who require a structured educational environment which will help them maximize physical mobility, self-help skills, life skills, and consequently, facilitate their adjustment to community living. We also provide services for students ages 18 to 21 that require significant supportive programming to transition from school to work or from school to the community. All students receive educational and related services according to their Individual Education Plan (IEP) and are monitored for progress according to the guidelines of their IEP. Our primary mission is to promote self-esteem, create a positive learning environment, and provide support for students and their families to ensure that each student reaches his/her maximum potential to function as independently as possible through an individualized educational program.

    During the 2016-2017 school year we partnered with the Speech Language Pathology (SLP) Program at Columbia College. SLP students had an interactive opportunity to learn about assistive technology and augmentative communication.  In an effort to transition Pendergrass-Fairwold School to a more inclusive communication school, we will continue to ensure that every student has the opportunity to communicate using various modes of communication.

    This year we will continue with our TAILS Academy for students who have graduated and are ready to transition to community living. The TAILS Academy consists of two components: Community-Based Instruction (CBI) and Campus-Based Skills Training (CBST) with student-specific goals in careers, independent living and self-advocacy. In CBI, all objectives and activities selected for instruction in the community are coordinated with classroom instruction. This allows for skills to be taught simultaneously, both in the classroom and the community, thereby giving multiple opportunities for practicing and generalizing functional skills. CBST is for students who still require additional support to gain the skills necessary for appropriate functioning in environments outside of their school. We hope to gain new off-campus job training sites for our students this year.

    We are very proud of our school and hope that you will come see us in action!

    Faythe Kennedy Redenburg