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  • Diamond Madness

    The boys basketball team will be hosting “Diamond Madness”  on Monday, November 20, here at Lower Richland. This event will give the school and surrounding community a chance to meet this year’s basketball team. We will be scrimmaging Ridge View and start time is 6pm. The band and cheerleaders will be in attendance as well. Please see attachment for more info.

    Diamond Madness


    CATE Fundraiser

    CATE Students are selling socks through WeHelpTwo.  Funds raised will help students with dues and activities while helping the homeless at the same time.  Click on the link to support this endeavor.



    Honor Roll


    Q1 Honor Roll (If you do not see your child's name on this list, but you are confident that he/she made the Honor Roll, it is because you have requested that their information not be published.)


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    District Mission Statement

    We are Richland One, a leader in transforming lives through education, empowering all students to achieve their potential and dreams.


    Lower Richland High Mission Statement

    The mission of Lower Richland High School is to engage students in positive, productive, and innovative learning experiences in order to become successful, responsible, and competitive in a global and technological society.

    We believe that..

    • Each student has the ability to learn and to be successful.
    • Changing cultural diversity is a positive element that teaches respect and enriches society.
    • Students learn in different ways and deserve the opportunity to achieve at their own ability level. 
    • Each student must assume responsibility for his/her own potential.
    • Character matters; honesty, integrity, and mutual respect are vital.
    • Educators will use a variety of effective teaching methods and strategies with high expectations.
    • A safe and supportive environment is essential to the growth and success of all individuals.
    • Learning is a continuous process of integrated experiences that ultimately produce change. 
    • Education is the shared responsibility of the students, school, home, and community.


 Principal's Corner



Degrees and Certifications:

Principal's Corner



Welcome to the “Diamond Mine”!

The 2017-18 academic year presents opportunities for new beginnings and changes.  Personal and professional changes for improvement can be rewarding but also challenging and difficult to make and sustain.  Newness alone, however, cannot produce transformation.  We all must be willing to actively participate and work towards the goal(s) we have established for ourselves and our children.


As this year begins, Lower Richland High School has the opportunity to make new plans, design new strategies, and implement and embrace new ideas.  Whether our responsibility is in administration, teaching, preparing healthy lunches, maintaining and providing a clean environment, or managing an efficient and friendly office, there is always room for improvement and for new ways to do a good job even better.   Our goal is to ensure that every student is academically focused, disciplined, present, on time and ready to learn.


We can be proud of what we have achieved at Lower Richland High School academically, athletically and competitively, but our achievements are not due to complacency and satisfaction with the status quo.  Our school’s dedicated faculty and staff have a common goal: To do what is best for students and to always search for better ways to achieve this goal.


We must concentrate on the processes that spur continuing advancement by evaluating what we have, determining what we can do to improve, and identifying what we need to do to make those improvements.  The Lower Richland High School Administration, faculty, and staff look forward to working with you in meeting the academic needs of your child(ren) in a safe and orderly environment.



Ms. R. Pelzer, Principal