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    School schield Welcome to C.A. Johnson High School  

    Home of the Mighty Green Hornets



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    A Message from the PrincipalDr. Scott

    Dear C.A. Johnson High School Community, 

    On behalf of the C.A. Johnson High School Family, welcome to the Hornet's Nest.  As the principal of what I consider to be an AWESOME school, we are preparing for many exciting things to take place in 2018 and beyond.   Over the past few years, as a school, we were faced with hurdles and challenges along the way; however, the rewards have far outweighed the challenges.   Our experiences have contributed in some way to ensuring we continue to grow and flourish with providing our students a great education.     

    Thank you to all of the C.A. Johnson High School Alumni, community members, and families who continue to support and promote our wonderful school. 


     Veronica Scott, Ed.D.  

    Summer Reading Program 

    Summer Reading


    Summer Reading Strategies

    Create a reading plan. Using a calendar, make a schedule for summer reading.   Planning ahead and stick to the schedule will help avoid leaving you reading until the last few days of summer.

    Set aside a consistent time each day for reading. Depending on your family’s schedule, reading time might be in the morning, afternoon or before bed. Whatever time you choose, stick to it, but also remember that flexibility around trips and special family events is OK.

    Alternate required reading with your child’s own choices. Your child will be more motivated to read when she has the opportunity to select some of her own reading.

    Read Together.  Read books with your parents and/or siblings and discuss them. You can read aloud together by taking turns by page, or you can get two copies of the book and each read silently. In either case, discuss what you are thinking as you read and ask your questions about what the other person is reading.   By reading together, you help one another to understand what he/she reads and motivate the person to read by demonstrating that you enjoy sharing ideas about books.

    Find audio books if your child is struggling. By listening to books on tape and discussing them with another person, you will learn new vocabulary and information. If audio books are not feasible, read required books aloud to your child and discuss them together. At the same time, help your child to find books at a comfortable level so she gets practice reading herself.


    Source:  http://www.pbs.org/parents/education/reading-language/reading-tips/tackling-school-summer-reading-lists/


    See below for C.A. Johnson Summer Reading Requirements 


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