• A Letter from the Principal


    Good morning students, colleagues and parents, Today, I have resigned the principalship of A. C. Flora High School.


    The past eleven years at Flora have afforded me the distinct honor of being associated with a truly remarkable school community. Wonderful students, engaged parents, and a faculty passionate about quality teaching, all united in the common vision of providing each student access to all the possibilities a quality high school education offers. Opportunities abound at Flora, launching students along a variety of pathways toward hopeful lives and the fulfillment of dreams.


    Reflecting on Flora’s achievements over time reveals a culture of success that has propelled the school to new heights in academics, athletics, and service to community. The record persuasively bears witness to the fact our students are competing comparably with other high school students worldwide.


    What an awesome experience it has been to be associated with so many that have brought such an incredible energy in support of our school mission and me personally. I can only express genuine gratitude. To each of you, I offer a heartfelt and humble thank-you.


    Respectfully, Richard K. McClure

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    A Message from the Principal

    Dear Flora Family:

    rm We have learned already that the 21st century will overturn many of our basic assumptions about economic life. Comparably, the same conclusion applies to education in general, and in our case, AC Flora High School, specifically. Some people believe schools are immovable objects mired in an earlier century. However, informed parents recognize that while this perception misses the mark, meaningful systemic change that narrows the achievement gaps, raises academic standards, and provides support equally among the students comes neither painlessly nor quickly.

    Against the backdrop of increasing achievement, we seek to make Flora more engaging and relevant by increasing academic support mechanisms within the school, improving all facets of school-wide communication, expanding the use of variable types of technology, and encouraging student focus on career pathways. Ultimately, we need to transform the school into a high-performance learning organization. In preparing students for life-long learning, the school must not only level the playing field for English language learners and special needs students, but also take all students from wherever they are on the achievement scale to competitive. The increasing global economy demands readiness!

    Annually, a segment of the enrolling ninth grade class arrives in need of remediation. Modification remains a priority to provide more support within the confines of the master schedule. The implementation of the literacy and math initiatives provides time for faculty and students alike to focus on skill enhancement via use of high-yield instructional strategies and the prospects of multiple opportunities to achieve course passage. All initiatives give rise to hope for curtailing the corrosive, paralyzing cycle of failure. Using the Richland One Strategic Plan, the entire Flora school community effectively collaborates to leverage strength and bridge shortcomings.

    In order to achieve the desired results, good communication among all of us is a must! By taking advantage of EChalk, PowerSchool Parent Portal, and Phone Blast, parents, students, teachers, and administration can form a strong scaffold of academic support for every student.


    Richard K. McClure