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  • A Message from the Principal


    Dear Stakeholders:


    The faculty, staff, and I welcome you to what will be an outstanding school year! We are looking forward to a continued working, supportive relationship from all of our students, parents, and stakeholders during the 2018-2019 school year. We are St. Andrews Middle School, a leader in transforming lives through education, empowering all students to achieve their potential and dreams. This year, we celebrate St. Andrews Middle School’s 50th school year as we continue to the tradition of excellence in teaching and learning for all!

    The vision for St. Andrews Middle School is as follows:

    St. Andrews Middle School, in collaboration with an engaged community, is committed to ensuring that each learner achieves his/her potential in a safe, caring, academically challenging and diverse learning environment that will develop productive citizens for a changing world.

    Together, we will improve academic achievement in all areas. As you have read in the vision statement, we can only reach this goal with your support. It truly takes a village! Our school-wide goals are outlined below.

    * Create a safe, orderly environment that fosters effective teaching and learning.

    * Improve culture and provide quality customer service to the community and entire public.

    * Use the Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI) model to actively engage students and improve mastery of content standards.

    * Work collaboratively toward continuous improvement using various forms of data.

    * Implement a literacy plan that strategically addresses targeted literacy skills to improve reading levels of all students.

    Middle school is a critical time when children develop life-long habits. We need you to work with us as we prepare our students to be productive citizens in a changing world. Being on time, prepared, and having a positive attitude are qualities that will help our children achieve success as they venture into other stages of their lives. We want our parents to be proud parents of a child who attends St. Andrews Middle School. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please give us a call. We are here to serve you!




    Derrick Glover