• Message home from our Principal, Mr. Hasinger, on September 11, 2020:


    Good Evening Blue Devil Parents,


    Writing with a few updates this evening:


    • For the sake of transparency, we have had five students test positive for COVID-19 since the beginning of school.  These infections have led to roughly 25 additional student or adult quarantines.  Please know that we are taking every precaution and safety measure recommended by health organizations (and Richland One) with our athletes and musicians/dancers that are currently visiting campus. Additionally, if an infection occurs within a "student group", for example "the football team", coaches are notifying parents.


    • Attached you'll find some useful information for students/parents that are dealing with stress, anxiety, or any other mental/physical health issues related to eLearning, COVID-19, and the "quarantined life". The document contains active links to ideas/resources and students also have access to a SharePoint link (internal only) that will include updated resources on a weekly basis.  (Resources during eLearning).


    • I would like to thank our students and parents for your patience and support during the first 9 days of eLearning.  I feel that it has gone VERY well and is truly much different than what was experienced in the spring.  I'm very proud of our school community for making the absolute best of a challenging situation.


    • If your child(ren) is absent from class due to an illness, appointment, etc. - please send a message and/or scan of the excuse to Ms. Melissa Cook, Attendance Clerk (or have them do so).  Her email address is melissa.cook@richlandone.org.


    Thanks for your continue support of our school programming,