• Friday, August 14, 2020


    Good Evening Blue Devil Parents,


    I wanted to take just a moment to provide you with a few updates with regard to the opening of school for both virtual and phased-in model students:


    • Laptop, textbook, and other instructional materials distribution will occur during the week of 08/24-08/28.  Students will be brought into our cafeteria area (entering the auditorium doors) in small groups to receive their materials.  Specific schedules for pick-up will be released next week.


    • Many students/parents have asked what the eLearning/Virtual schedule will look like and when students will be required to be present for interactive synchronous sessions.  I have attached a copy of our most up-to-date draft of the schedule.  Synchronous sessions will occur daily, coupled with asynchronous assignments.  Participation is mandatory, attendance will be taken, and we will use the standard, uniform grading policy.


    • Student schedules will be mailed out next week starting on Wednesday, 08/19.  With this mailing, procedures for contacting a counselor regarding an error on your child's schedule will be included, as well as additional information regarding online learning (eLearning/Virtual) expectations. 


    • Results from recent informal surveys of parents: 75% of parent respondents prefer the A/B Schedule over the 4x4 Schedule (although it should be noted that parental understanding of these models is limited at this time); 87% of parents with children enrolled for virtual-only learning this year prefer to have Dreher instructors as opposed to other Richland One instructors.


    • Major efforts are underway to ensure that our building has the necessary physical mitigation strategies in place to protect our stakeholders.  Masks will be required and on-hand as needed, gloves are available to teachers, hands-free sanitizer stations will be located in each classroom, Plexiglas sneeze guards have been ordered for all desks, plans are being developed for meals to be consumed in classrooms as opposed to the congregate cafeteria area, etc.

    Just a few updates, expect more next week!  Enjoy your weekend!