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    Richland County School District One's Extended Day Programs are designed to increase academic achievement through structured after-school, before-school, weekend and summer programs that offer a variety of academic and enrichment activities.

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    ee "To help our working families, keep kids safe, and inspire learning."

    To work in collaboration with community agencies to provide high quality, before- and after-school programs and community resource centers in every Richland One school, where students, families, and community members have an opportunity to access and utilize a variety of educational, health and social services that are designed to help them maximize their full potential.


    Richland County School District One offers before- and after-school programs that are structured to meet the needs of children and families. The district's commitment to after-school programs is reflected in Strategies Two and Seven of the Strategic Plan. Strategy Two directs the district to "develop alternative pathways (internal and external) to address social and psychological factors that may interfere with student achievements." Strategy Seven directs the district to "develop a system for setting personal and challenging goals, for each student that appropriately involve the staff, family and community."

    Richland One's After-School Programs are designed to increase academic achievement through structured after-school, before-school, weekend and summer programs that offer a variety of academic and enrichment activities. Parents are the reinforcing element of the programs, and they have the opportunity to participate in a variety of educational, health and social services. Those services include, but are not limited to, telecommunications and technology training, GED preparation, job placement and parenting workshops. The district collaborates with a variety of community partners to provide the necessary educational, health and social services to students and their families.

    Richland One has identified six purposes for operating after-school programs. They are tutorial, homework assistance, child care, compensatory remediation, enrichment and test preparation. Our goal is to produce positive outcomes for children, families and the community. During the hours after school, children need to have a safe haven to go to where they can learn, participate in well-structured activities and receive services that will empower them to be productive citizens.

    As a result of the district's commitment to quality after-school programs, the Afterschool Alliance presented the Richland One Office of After-School Programs with its 2004 After School Champion Award.


      - To improve student performance in core curriculum subjects and on standardized achievement tests

      - To increase students' sense of self-efficacy and motivation related to academic performance

      - To provide a summer enrichment program with recreational and academic activities

      - To provide parenting skills classes, to increase parental involvement in their child's learning

      - To provide a community resource center as a place for services and activities for individuals in the community

    In an effort to assist in the development of the "total" child, two core areas of concentration have been established within our programs. The areas targeted are academic and enrichment.


    By providing alternative pathways (internal and external) to address social and psychological facts that may interfere with student achievement, these After-School Programs provide a system for setting challenging personal goals for each student. The district has identified six purposes for operating after METHODOLOGY school programs. Those purposes are:

      - Tutorial
      - Homework Assistance
      - Child Care
      - Comprehensive Remediation
      - Enrichment
      - Test Preparation


    The academic core consists of reading, mathematics, social studies and science. The program provides one-on-one college and adult tutors and homework assistance, according to the needs of the students. Students work on developing academic skills in computer labs and use the Internet to access the resources for school assignments and projects. At each school site, teachers provide direct instruction and work with collaborating community partners on tutoring, instructional strategies and homework assistance.


    The enrichment core is designed to provide students with a variety of activities including, but not limited to, music, drama, physical activities, motivational speakers, crafts and dance. The arts offer an alternative for success to students who struggle academically. Involvement in the arts also helps students understand the importance of hard work, self-discipline and commitment to excellence.