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  • A Message from the Principal 


    Though we have had some chilly mornings this week, I am thankful that we are not experiencing mountains of snow like some of our northern neighbors. Hopefully, the weather will warm up soon. Our Bradford Pear trees and azaleas are in full bloom and daylight savings time begins this weekend. Don’t forget to “spring forward” and set your clocks forward on Saturday night. We don’t want our cougars late for school on Monday.

    How excited we are to be past the flu season! This season was extremely difficult, with many staff and students that were out due to the flu virus.

    Registration continues for 4k students. Please don’t wait to register your child. Early registration helps to secure needed staffing for the upcoming school year. Our office is open from 7:30-3:00pm, Monday through Friday. You may come in to register your child if you need assistance or you are welcome to go online.

    As mid-year benchmark testing begins next week and teachers continue preparing our students for statewide testing, we want to thank you parents for putting forth your best effort in getting our students to school and on time each day. We would like to be able to celebrate some huge gains and know this is attainable if we “purposefully” focus our attention on quality teaching and learning here at the Park.

    Quality teaching and learning begins with us starting our day together and planning out what will take place throughout the day. We are only 10 days away from wrapping up the third nine weeks and spring break is just around the corner!

    This is a reminder that Career Day is March 28th and you are invited to join us. Ms. James has over 30 businesses from the community that have committed to being here to share with us.

    Students will be in school for two half days prior to spring break, March 29th, which is designated for parent conferences in the afternoon. March 30th is also a ½ day. This is a makeup day. Students not at school will be marked absent.

    We are looking forward to our annual Mother/Son dance tonight, from 6pm-8pm in our café. Our boys are very excited and I am certain a fun time will be had by all who attend. Lastly, don’t forget about our PTO/SIC meeting scheduled for Monday evening at 5:30pm. Plans are underway for our spring carnival. We look forward to seeing you and promise not to keep you long.

    Please come in to volunteer whenever you can, we’d love to have you. You are always welcome!

    We are Hyatt Park and our “Mission is Possible!”

      Dell Brabham, Principal  

    Dell N. Brabham, Principal







    Hyatt Park Mission

    We are Hyatt Park and we strive to foster respect, cultivate obedience, inspire academic
    achievement, and promote personal and community responsibility for all of our students.