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  • Welcome to Rosewood Elementary School virtual library, where students are able to access a number educational resources to support their academic success.

  • The mission of Rosewood Elementary School library is to provide access to a diverse collection of books and resources in an inclusive environment for students to engage in reading and learning for academic growth and pleasure. 

    LJubica Arceneaux, Librarian




    Andrea Walters, Library Assistant




  • Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month


    Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15 through October 15.   With the Civil Rights movement during the 1960's there was a push to recognize and celebrate the diversity of our country.  California Congressman George E. Brown introduced a bill in 1968 designating the celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Week starting on September 15.    

    National Hispanic Heritage Month was signed into law by President Ronald Reagan in 1988.  The timing of National Hispanic Heritage Month coincides with the Independence Day celebrations of several Latin American nations.  National Hispanic Heritage Month honors the cultures and contributions of both Hispanic and Latinx Americans as we celebrate heritage rooted in all Latin American countries.

    Resources:  The History Channel          National Parks Service

    Hispanic Heritage Month

    Click the links below to learn about the culture and contributions Hispanics and Latinx have made to help build this nation.

    Hosted by the Library of Congress, this site will provide a brief history of National Hispanic Heritage Month along with legislative documents related to National Hispanic Heritage Month.

    National Hispanic Heritage Month

    Take a virtual tour the Cesar Chavez National Monument established of American labor leader Cesar Chavez

    Ceasar Chavez National Monument

    Feel the rhythm of the beat and learn about the origin and contributors to Latin music.  The Smithsonian has a collection of images, videos and information on Latin Music.

    Latin Music

    History channels provide definitions and background information on the various styles of Latin music.

    PBS Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

    Learn about the history and view the incredible artwork at the Chicano Park located in San Diego, California.

    Chicano Park


  • 2023-2024 South Carolina Book Award Nominees


    Children's Book 

    Click the links above and below to read a brief description of the books or watch a book talk video.  These books have been chosen by South Carolina librarians, teachers, and students to be the best books for South Carolina students to read.

    Picture Books


    Online Catalogs

    Richland Library

    Click the link above to access the Richland Library.  If you need assistance logging into your Richland Library account call 803.799.9084.  


    Richland County School District One Destiny Online Catalog

    Students in grades 3rd - 5th can access their Destiny Discover account by entering their username and password.

  • Great Podcasts 

     Be Informed, Be Inspired!

    Take a moment to listen to Jacob and six year old Olivia from Curious Kid Podcast provide great information in a fun and entertaining manner. New episodes every Sunday!curious kid podcast



    Eat Your Spanish is a great way to learn Spanish through song, repetition, and bilingual presentation.

    Eat your spanish


    Good Words Podcast, a podcast for "kids and adults about using words better and using better words."


    good words podcast




  •  Click the link below to listen to the podcast.

    The Unexplained Disappearance of Mars Patel

    Testimonials from Mrs. McCants' 5th Class
    "I like the podcast because it is a mystery and you get hooked the more you read/listen." -Tristan
    The podcast "has information, it describes what is happning"  -Riley
    "I like when Mars is" . . . . . (listen to find out what happens) -David
    "I like how Mars is someone who doesn’t give up on his hopes to find Aurora.  -Kayden
    "I think you should" listen to "the Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel because this is mystery theatre  . . . and I will rate it a 10/10 :)" -Logan
    "I like the podcast becuase it is intertresting and has a little suspense. And it tells a good story." -Spohia




    Watch interviews from children's authors and illustrators as they talk about the importance of words and pictures.
    reading rockets

    Reading Rockets Video Interviews with Authors and Illustrators


  • Kid Friendly Search Engine



  • Research Resources

    DISCUS Kids

    South Carolina's Virtual Library is managed and administered by the South Carolina State Library.  A username and password is required.  Please contact a classroom teacher or librarian for current username and password.


    Word Central

    Kid friendly dictionary website.


    Everyday Mysteries

    Library of Congress science site.


    Today in History

    Library of Congress site that provides information on events that happened each day.


  • Read, Write or listen to a story


    International Children's Digital Library

    A site with books in a number of different languages.


    Kid Lit Read Out Loud

    Click on the link above and enjoy a great story read to you.


    Write. Right. Rite.  

    Award winning children's author and National Ambassador for Young People's Literature Jason Reynolds, in collaboration with the Library of Congress, has a video series of creative writing opportunities.  Click on the link to participate in these innovative and thought provoking writing opportunities.


    Bookmarks: Celebrating Black Voices 

    A story time hosted by activist and author Marley Dias.  Bookmark: Celebrating Black Voices is a series which Black actors, writers, activists, and celebrities read books written by Black authors sharing and highlighting the Black experience.  You can watch Bookmarks on Netflix Jr via Youtube.




  • Coding Sites


    Microbits   A microbit is a small pocket sized computer with LED lights that can be used to teach and creat games using code.


    Kodable A great beginner coding site for children in kindergarten to second grade.  It is fee based.


    Code.org  Free online coding site for beginner and advance coders.