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    We have made it to the final month of this school year! Although busy, May will still be rewarding as long as we keep a "fourth quarter mentality" and remain steadfast to "finish strong!" Of course, we must keep the excitement going, so our Eagles can remain engaged until the last day of school. One way we have done so was recently hosting our Advocacy-Club Day. Staff have worked effortlessly to bring back extracurricular clubs in which students choose based upon their interest. Offerings include cooking, crocheting, robotics, reading and writing in a foreign language, drumming, African drumming, drawing, dancing, stepping, fitness, and so much more! We even had some students making cotton candy for breakfast! Shhh! 😃 All of this fun is a part of our advocacy program in which club leaders serve as students' advocates, someone they can go to for advice or to have another go-to adult on staff aside from their teacher. We look forward to continuing Advocacy-Club Day next year on the last Friday of each month. If you wish to volunteer as a club leader, please let me know, as students and staff will be making new selections at the beginning of the 2024-2025 school year.


    Please reference the upcoming events section of this newsletter as we have many promotion ceremonies. I also invite you to download the 2024-2025 school calendar from the Miscellaneous Files and Forms section below, so you can note the first day of school in August and plan family vacations around instructional days. In that section you will also find a copy of the Title I parent letter that was recently provided to families via School Messenger's email feature. We have been designated as a Title I school for the 2024-2025 school year due to our poverty rate increasing to 80.6%. We will plan activities to help our students continue soaring and for families to be engaged all the more. More information will be forthcoming later this month and in August.


    Continue to encourage your child(ren) to demonstrate appropriate behaviors while at school. We use the SOAR acronym as a reminder, and it is universal at all grade levels. We have seen an increase in students resorting to negative physical interactions rather than using the correct conflict resolution skills taught and reinforced by you and staff. Your support is greatly appreciated as we continue to remind our Eagles to practice integrity and seek an adult or an administrator if they need support.

    S - Practice self-control. Keep hands and feet to yourself. Use kind words.

    O - Remain on task in class during instruction and when assigned independent or group activities.

    A - Be accountable for your actions.

    R - Respect self, others, and school property.


    Lastly, we have seen an increase in unsafe behaviors in the car rider line. We ask that you take a moment to review the procedures later in this newsletter to ensure safety of students, staff, and families. Vehicles that drop off children at the exit amidst outgoing traffic or at the entrance after it has been blocked will be reported to law enforcement.


    Please contact me if there are questions, concerns, feedback, or ideas to help our Eagles continue soaring.


    🦅 #MountUp #WatchUsSoar 🦅


    Click the link below to view our school's Continuous Improvement/Turnaround Plan.


    Continuous Improvement/Turnaround Plan

    #MountUp #WatchUsSoar in 2023-2024!

    Be Great

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    Traversa Ride 360: School Bus Transportation APP

    Dear Richland One Parents,

    You can get notifications about your child’s bus route on your phone. Richland One Student Transportation Services offers Traversa Ride 360 mobile app.

    Traversa Ride 360 is a secure app provided by the South Carolina Department of Education. The free app will allow a parent or guardian to have instant access to their child’s school bus transportation information through a real-time GPS tracker. Through the app, parents will be sent an alert of the estimated time of arrival (ETA) of their child’s bus. The district can also send important and timely push notifications through the app, such as notifying parents of a late bus, the use of a substitute bus or a bus accident. Parents must stay logged in to the app to receive push notifications from Student Transportation Services in real time.

    Access the free app by searching for Traversa Ride 360 in the App Store (Apple iOS) or Google Play for Android. You will need to install the app and register in the app. When asked to find your school district, search for Richland County School District One.

    Click the following link to watch a video with instructions on how to install, register and use the apphttps://rotv.viebit.com/player.php?hash=zrX56bmt0MdyQGNY

    Please note that this service will only be available for state school buses/routes. Richland One district programs/buses (such as magnet choice programs, Heyward Career and Technology Center and ESOL programs) will not have this service available at this time. The bus numbers of the buses that are unavailable through the app are posted on the district’s website.

    If you have any questions, contact Student Transportation Services Director Rick Grisham at rick.grisham@richlandone.org or (803) 231-7002.  


    Karen E. York

    Executive Director of Communications

    Richland County School District One

    HHES 2023-2024 Parent-Student Handbook

    Richland One 2023-2024 Student Code of Conduct Handbook





    IN" and "OUT" of SCHOOL

    Horrell Hill Elementary School students will use their technology tools to support instructional practices as a part of the 2023-2024 school year. 
    We appreciate your support as we continue to engage in 21st century educational opportunities using technology tools "in" and "out" school. 
    We encourage all students to be mindful of expectations while using laptops as responsible digital citizens at HHES!



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  • Notice of Non-Discrimination

    Richland County School District One does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, disability, age or other protected characteristics in its programs and activities.