Parent Corner

parent corner
  • School Ready Tips for Parents

    *Set goals and expectations for the school year. A short term goal and long term goal will assist your child remain focused on success throughout the year.

    *Develop a schedule that can be displayed in the home and implemented consistently.

    *Plan a “chat” time to gain insight in to your child’s day at school. Inquire about their interactions with peers, teachers and their general feelings. Do not accept “okay!” Encourage your child to give details about their day.

    *Set aside homework/reading time daily. If your child does not have homework encourage them to review or read an extra 15 minutes.

    *During dinner time disconnect from all electronic devices. You do not have to sit at the table together, but make this time intentional to conduct final check in with everyone in the family.

    *Prepare for tomorrow. Pack bookbag, make sure homework and all signed paperwork in placed in the student’s folder, and choose clothing for the next day. Preparation will reduce stress and possible negative interactions in the morning.

    *Set a night routine that involves a bath plan and designated time to go to bed. Your child may say they are not sleepy or tired, but their bodies need time to rest and prepare for the next day.

    Positive family engagement increases your child’s chance to succeed in school and in life!