• tutoring


    The Tutoring Center at Dreher operates in room 124 from 7:15 AM - 4:15 PM daily except for Friday, when the Center closes at 3:00 PM.  Earlier or later hours can be arranged by prior appointment.  Some students also choose to visit the Tutoring Center during lunch.


    Maureen McConaghy Thunell (maureen.mcconaghy@richlandone.org) is the full-time tutor.  She offers help in all of the major academic content areas and will also help with standardized test preparation and college and scholarship essays.  No appointment is needed.


    Before visiting the Tutoring Center, students needing extra assistance first should check with their subject teacher for additional help. 


    National Honor Society members and applicants may claim a volunteer slot in the Tutoring Center online using this link: Tutoring Center Volunteer Slots