• Office of Federal and State Programs

    Waverley Administration Center
    1225 Oak Street
    Suites 204 & 206
    Columbia, SC 29204  

    Phone • (803) 231-6815 or 6816
    Fax    • (803) 231-6824


    Robert Candillo, Director



    Welcome to the Office of Federal and State Programs

    Richland County School District One

    Title I Served Schools   We serve 25 schools in Richland One- Click on the Federal and State Program Schools link for a complete list.  

    Our Staff  Click on the Federal and State Programs Staff Directory link for names, phone numbers and email addresses of our Federal and State Programs team... We are here to help!

    Parents and Families Find our Parent and Family Engagement Policy, Parent's Right to Know and other helpful information - click on the Parent and Family Engagement link.

    Federal Programs Tutoring Services→  Find all of the necessary forms and information for tutorial services by clicking on the Tutors link.


     One Vision...One Mission...One Common Purpose:  Student Achievement

    Our Mission:
    The mission of the Richland County School District One Office of Federal and State Programs is to ensure students in identified schools have equitable access to supplemental resources, are career and college ready, and achieve proficiency on rigorous local and state assessments.


    What is Title I?
    Title I is the largest federal assistance program. The goal is to provide a high-quality education for every child. The office serves the children who are furthest from meeting the state standards set for all children. Richland One’s Office of Federal and State Programs supplements the district’s instructional program for all students in Federal and State Program designated schools.


    Our Services Include...

    • Support services, program management, and technical assistance to 25 Elementary, Middle, and High schools
    • Professional development for Federal and State Program designated Schools
    • Support for 22 Pre-Kindergarten classes across the school district
    • Parent and Family Engagement Specialists who serve all schools in Richland One
    • District Parent Advisory Council and implementation of overall Parent & Family Engagement Plan
    • Parent Child Home Program (PCHP)
    • Private School support 
    • Neglected and Delinquent fund management (Plan development, support, technical assistance and professional development)
    • Support and monitoring for Homeless programs (tutorial services, professional learning opportunities, and emergency transportation) in collaboration with Student Support Services
    • Support and monitoring for Foster Care Programs in collaboration with Student Support Services
    • Support and technical assistance for identified Federal Priority schools
    • Support for identified Federal and State Programs designated Schools 
    • Early Childhood Assistance Team (ECAT)
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