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  • Members of SPARK, the Kindness Club, prepared holiday cards for our friends at Epworth Children's Home.


    The Kindness Club members stuffed the cards and other girls in over three dozen "stockings" for the Dreher students at Epworth.

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  • The two dozen members of Dreher's Kindness Club, SPARK, planned activities for National Random Acts of Kindness Week, February 12-16, 2018. 


    At club meetings leading up to the week, members made posters (some shown above) with encouraging messages and placed them around the school.  Each morning of Kindness Week two club members, Alyssa Palmer and Re'Mani Williams, read announcements suggesting a kind thought and action for the day.  Members distributed "Kindness Tickets" to anyone they noticed doing a kind deed.  The tickets were redeemable for a Valentine chocolate!


    Two club members, Kate Cook and Heidi Areheart, wrote encouraging messages on 200 post-it notes.  They hung the notes on a banner in the cafeteria with the instruction to "Take a Note, Give a Note."  Students at lunch took their advice and gave the notes to others.  Other members had placed notes on mirrors throughout the school.


    Several club members volunteered in the cafeteria during lunches throughout the week.  They set up a "Compliment Box" and encouraged others to write a compliment - anonymous or otherswise - to a teacher, staff member, or other student. Then they (most often Andrea Bocanegra and Breana Woodard with help from Ana Hait) delivered the compliment cards to the appropriate classroom.  


    Joining in on the good deeds of the week were the classes of English teacher Lana Vaughn. She challenged her students to use "SAT vocabulary" to write encouraging notes to others.  Altogether, over 500 compliment cards were distributed this week!



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  • With the approach of Thanksgiving, we asked Blue Devils at lunch one day to tell us what they are thankful for.  A sample of the respones is shown below.  Some responses were light-hearted; most were deeply-felt and sincere.  A few even brought us to tears!


    We are thankful for all of you, Blue Devils!  


    What are you Thankful for?




















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