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    2612 Covenant Rd • Columbia, SC 29204 ( Located in the lower level of the Adult Education Center)

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  •  When you visit Richland County School District One, any one of 24,000 students may respond to your greeting in one of six languages.


    Becoming World Citizens...

    Richland One has been recognized for many years as a leader in the state for its commitment to helping students appreciate the world and its diversities through the study of foreign languages.

    We celebrate our collective efforts to offer all students foreign language instruction with an emphasis on literacy, real-life communication and cultural knowledge and understanding.


    The people who made it all possible...

    Richland County School District One's Board of School Commissioners worked cooperatively with one shared goal, to ensure that all children enrolled in 44 schools have the opportunity to begin foreign language education as early as grade one.

    Thanks to the members of Richland One's Board of School Commissioners and the administration's unwavering support from the program's inception to the present, the foreign language program continues to flourish and serve the needs of 24,000 students in Richland County.


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