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  • The Department of Early Childhood Education (K-2)

    The Office of School Readiness and Prekindergarten Programs (3K-4K)

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    Early education builds the critical foundation for future learning!

    Effective and high-quality education begins with effective and high-quality early childhood programs. In Richland One, we believe that early childhood programs must prepare our youngest learners to be school-ready by providing real-world learning experiences, participation in varied social interaction opportunities, and exposure to rich literacy activities.

    We meet all students at their instructional levels, expect high levels of learning, and work to advance knowledge to that of their grade-level peers. Our teachers commit to developmentally and culturally relevant teaching practices, set realistic goals, and use research-based strategies and approaches.

    Our belief is that all students can and will learn when provided with quality teaching that meets their unique needs; a comprehensive early childhood program that provides a strong foundation; and the world-class skills, knowledge, and life and career characteristics that prepare them for future levels of learning.


    The Department of Early Childhood Education supports grades pre-kindergarten through two in all elementary schools in the following areas:

    • District and school-based professional development
    • Early childhood assessments and data analysis
    • Early childhood curriculum to include the selection of aligned resources and materials that support instruction
    • Appropriate classroom environment
    • Cross-curricular integration
    • New and emerging technologies and so much more!

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