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    Keeping our families healthy and protected is our number one priority. Therefore, the following events have been suspended until further notification. We will update you on our website as soon as we have any additional information. Thank You!
    Parent Information Meetings
    (you can scroll below and watch virtually as an option)

    Prekindergarten Screenings

    Advanced preparation on your part will benefit you at your child's screening appointment. 

                         What can you do now to prepare for screening? 
    Watch the Parent Information Webinar (below) then click on the survey link to complete.
    Scroll to the bottom to locate the "Fast Track" paperwork.
    Download the paperwork, print, and complete in full.
    Gather your required documents (listed below), make a copy of each, and place in a folder/large envelope. 
    Complete the online application (link provided below "Registration").

    These simple steps will help save time during the screening process.

    STEP 1:

    Don't know which school you are zoned for? 

    Scroll down and look to the left menu bar for "School Zone Locator".
    Once you are in the system, please select "00" or "01" as the grade for your child. 

    STEP 2:

    Complete the Online Application known as the "Registration Portal"
    Registration Portal (Formerly Known As InfoSnap)
     If you have difficulty with the Registration Portal please click here:
    Registrar's Office

    STEP 3:

    Parents must bring the following documents for their ZONED school: (closed for now due to Covid-19)
    Long Form Birth Certificate
    Current Immunization on SC DHEC Form
    Lease or Mortgage Statement
    Current Utility Bill

    Shared Housing Documents (Click on link if applicable)


    NOTE: The screening process is temporarily suspended until further notice. This also includes a delay in placement information for those students who have gone through the screening process.


  • 2020 - 2021 Pre-K Registration Parent Information Sessions now offered online! 

    Virtual Parent Information Process
    Please watch the required Parent Information Webinar below.
    If you have already attended a face-to-face meeting, you are not required to watch the webinar.

    Click on the link below to view the webinar.
    After viewing the webinar, click into the link below to access and complete the brief survey.
    (This will serve as your sign-in for the Virtual Webinar Parent Information Meeting)

    Virtual Parent Information Session Now Available 

    Survey must be completed using a Desktop Computer (not mobile phone) Thank You!

    Click Here to complete Virtual Session Survey


    Want to get on the "Fast Track" for your child's screening appointment? Here's how...
    As part of the screening process, parents are required to complete paperwork. A majority of this paperwork can be completed prior to the screening appointment. Just follow the steps below and you will be scheduled on the "Fast Track" at your child's screening appointment.

    Click into the link to download documents
    Parent Documents Click Here
    Print the documents
    Complete all of the documents
    Bring to your child's screening appointment.

    ALL documents must be completed in full prior to the screening in order to go to the Fast Track.

    ¿Quiere participar en la "Vía rápida" para la cita de detección de su hijo? Así es cómo…
    Como parte del proceso de evaluación, los padres deben completar el papeleo. La mayoría de estos documentos se pueden completar antes de la cita de selección. Simplemente siga los pasos a continuación y se lo programará en la "Vía rápida" en la cita de evaluación de su hijo.

    Haga clic en el enlace para descargar documentos.

    Parent Documents (Spanish)

    Interested in Magnet Programs?
    Click Here
    to find more information about Language Immersion.
    Click Here
    to find out more information about Montessori.


  • The Office of School Readiness and Prekindergarten Programs (OSRPP) supports Richland One School District with several Early Childhood programs and initiatives:

    • Prekindergarten (3K/4K) recruitment, registration, selection, placements
    • Prekindergarten programming, curriculum and professional learning
    • Early Childhood Assistance Team (ECAT)
    • Successful Transitions Entering Prekindergarten (STEP)
    • Child Early Reading and Education Development Program (CERDEP)
    • Accreditation for National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)
    • Birth to 4 Initiative


    The office is the primary resource and site for parents interested in the District’s general education 3K and 4K programs. Parents contact this office to get information about the 3K and 4k programs as well as to schedule and attend DIAL-4 screenings. Office personnel are responsible for hosting parent information sessions to explain the prekindergarten program as well as assign children to the elementary schools. A wait list is maintained, transfer students are accepted and placements are made throughout the school year (until Spring Break) as space allows.

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