• 2016-2017 Student Admissions and Transfer Request Forms


    Below is a list of forms that parents will find useful in the admission or transferring of their child to a school.  

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    The 2016-2017 Transfer Season (March 1 to May 2, 2016) has concluded.

    We will only be taking applications for Administrative/Severe Hardship applications.

    *All Transfer Assignments are based on space availability. Space availability is limited at some schools. Please contact the Registrar's Office for updates at 231-6944.

    Please make sure the Transfer Request Packet is completed in its entirety and all required documentation is included before faxing, emailing or submitting to the Registrar's Office.   Transfer applications will only be accepted for OPEN schools. Forms are provided below. **Incomplete packets will not be processed.**


    SPACE AVAILABILITY 2016-2017 as of 05/16/2016: SPACE AVAILABILITY 2016-2017 as of 051616





    A Severe Hardship Committee will make recommendations regarding the documented severe hardship. Parents will be notified immediately upon a decision by the Committee.

    Documentation will be used to prove a clear condition of danger or hazard for the student, family or both must be provided. Severe Hardship requests should be supported by statements from medical doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and/or school administrators who have knowledge of the concern. Reports from resource/police officers or other professionals may also be included in the request(s).


    Use the link below for Severe Hardship Option application: 

    Severe Hardship 2016-2017 (PDF)



    CHILDCARE: Only considered during the Transfer Season (March 1-May 2) Annually

    Students in kindergarten through 8th grade only. All adults responsible for the student(s) work full-time, have full-time obligations outside of the home or disabled and incapable of caring for children before and after school. Please make note, a private caretaker or commercial childcare facility must be used and must reside in the zone of the requested school.  

    Use the link below for Childcare Option application:

    Child Care Affidavit 2016-2017 (PDF)




    EMPLOYEE OPTION: Only considered during the Transfer Season (March 1-May 2) Annually

    Richland One employees may request to have their children transfer to a district school other than the one to which they are zoned.  Employee Option transfers are subject to space availability and are for full-time employees only.

    Out of District Employees:  Employee option transfers involving employees who live in a district other than Richland County School District One will require that the employee first obtain a release from his/her resident district on an annual basis and, upon acceptance, will have the out-of-district tuition waived. The procedure for out-of-district employees will be the same as in-district employees. 

    Use the link below for Employee Option application:

    Employee Option 2016-2017(PDF)




    Richland County School District One

    Out of District Acceptance/Release requests must include a completed Application Form, Proof of Current Address,Photo ID, Copy Student’s Long Form Birth Certificate, a Letter stating the reason for the request to enroll or be released from Richland School District  One, and Proof of Employment (if the parent/guardian is employed by a school district).



    Richland One Non-Resident Employees

    Students may only attend either the same school in which the parent(s) work or, if that school is not the appropriate grade level, the school with the appropriate grade level which is on or nearest the most direct line of travel between the employee’s primary work location and residence. The requested school must be determined as being “Open” to transfer students. In cases of non-resident district employees, tuition will be waived. Parents must provide a release letter from the school district in which they reside.


    Non-District Employee

    Students may be considered for the school with the appropriate grade level which is on or nearest the most direct line of travel between the parent/guardian’s primary work location and residence. Richland One reserves the right to assign schools for Non-District employees. Additionally, the requested school must be determined as being “Open” to transfer students.

    Non-district employee requests must be approved by the Richland School District One School Board. If approved,Out of District Tuition will be assessed and must be paid in full before the student is permitted to enroll in Richland One. The cost of Out District Tuition can be provided by the Registrar’s Office or by contacting Financial Services at 803-231-7515.



    Parents/Employees of Other School District

    Parents who reside in Richland One can request that their student(s) be released to attend another school district where they are employed. Employees of other districts are not assessed tuition.

    Release requests for parents who are not employed by another school district must have administrative approval.

    Please click on the following link for a list of tuition fees: Out of District Acceptance - Release 2016-2017.pdf

    *** Incomplete packets will not be processed. ***





    The Shared Housing Proof of Residence process will no longer be conducted at the Registrar's Office. The process will now be conducted at each Richland One school. Schools may have established a time when they will begin receiving Shared Housing Proof of Residence documentation. Parents should contact their zoned school(s) to determine the best time(s) to complete the process. The process must be completed annually. 

    Click on the following link for the Shared Housing packet:

    Shared Housing Packet 2016-2017 (PDF)


    If you have questions about this change, contact the Registrar's Office at 231-6944 or your zoned school.