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    natewhite Welcome Parents and Students of Olympia Learning Center,

    I am extremely delighted to have this opportunity to work with each and every one of you for the 2016  – 2017 school year. This year promises to be a year of  great opportunities for academic growth and creative planning for our students' future.

    Olympia Learning Center was created for students who are seeking alternative pathways to success. Our unique instructional support systems allow for smaller class sizes, individualized instruction in small groups, differentiated instructional delivery, interactive educational programs, and a variety of educational courses through Edgenuity (better known as E2020). Our faculty and staff are well trained professionals working in concert with district school personnel along with a great central office staff designed to offer first class vertical support to our students, parents, and business community.

    It is my desire to welcome each of you to what I am claiming will be your best school year ever. All it takes is your desire to do the same. Our doors are always open and we invite our parents, guardians, and our community business partners to be a part of the Olympia experience.


    Nate White



    Gary Watts     Gary Watts p2      Watts with class  


       Richland County Coroner Gary Watts was the guest speaker in Ms. Easley's and Ms. Pinckney's 21st Century Skills class taught by Ms. Alcyon Smalls.  Corner Watts did an indeph presentation on the duties and responsiblities of the coroner and the deputies that help make up the office.  The students were attentive and asked several questions on the job and requirements to become a coroner.  Everyone enjoyed the presentation.

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  • About Olympia Learning Center

    Olympia Learning Center is a full service learning facility that offers meaningful educational opportunities for students in grades six through twelve. Students who attend the Richland One Alternative School are students of “Choice” who prefer a non-traditional, innovative and personal school setting. Programs Include

    Traditional Core Subjects

    • Computer Assisted Instruction 
    • Career and Personal Development 
    • Special Service Teaming 
    • Social/Character Education 
    • Service Learning Opportunities 
    • Business Center 21 
    • Evening Classes 
    • Work Study Programs 
    • Applied Academics (core subjects)

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